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How Mice Infestation Occurs In Homes?

Posted on July 28, 2017 in My Blog


Many homeowners frequently ask the question ‘how are mice getting in my house’? Without knowing some basics about these rodents. To know the right answer read this short write up that offers some insight about the mice infestation that occurs in our homes. In general, these rodents enter our homes through the small cracks and holes found in the walls as well as in the floors. The mice also dig holes in the foundation and make their entries into our homes. Due to their body structure mice have the ability to enter into small holes with great ease. More often these rodents cause all sorts of issues after entering into our homes. Besides chewing all sorts of things including the metals, they contaminate our food. Hence it is important for us not to allow them to get established in our homes.

Close the entry source
If we want to prevent mice from getting established in our home, then we need to keep them from entering in the first place. This means inspecting the exterior of our home for holes and gaps they can use as a method of entrance. A homeowner should be aware of these openings which can be extremely small since the pests can enter openings less than an inch. If one notices any of them around the home, he or she to fix the problem with caulking compound combined with steel wool. This will help to ensure the pests do not simply chew their way back through again. One reason mice may be attracted to your home is that they smell food. They commonly come looking for the items we have stored in our pantry, especially if they are only loosely closed. Setting traps is one way of getting rid of mice in our homes. Another way you can keep mice at bay is to use repellents. These repellents commonly consist of various chemicals, or they could also be made from predator urine. It is best for you to use repellents in combination with other measures such as traps.