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Things That Short Girls Should Avoid

Posted on January 14, 2018 in My Blog

If you do not want to become a subject of one of the short girl memes, then there are some fashion blunders you must avoid at all costs. The reality is that you should focus on being confident irrespective of your height. Please remember that your height is never the accurate measure of your skills and abilities. You can wear any dress which you like if you think it will suit you, as per www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2065578/A-shortage-genes-explains-people-short-study-reveals.html. There is no point in staying away from a dress just because others say that it will not look good on a girl who is small. If your instinct tells you that it will look decent on you, then you must go ahead and wear it.

All of you may have witnessed an incident where a relatively short girl did not date a guy just because others felt he was too tall. Well, if you are not very tall and the person you love is pretty tall, then there is no reason why you should not date him or her. It is not at all true that short girls and tall guys do not make a beautiful looking couple. Some of the hottest couples around comprise a short girl and a fairly tall guy.

Focus more on your feelings and chemistry rather than the height. The reality is that when you are genuinely in love, then the last thing your guy will think about is your height. So, spend more time thinking about the essential stuff and ignore the not-so-trivial stuff. You do not even need to wear uncomfortable heels just to make sure that you and your boyfriend or partner look good together. Just be yourself, be natural and people will start seeing you as the person that you are. The reality is that your height or your weight is only a number and people who love you value your personality and not just your body.

You should wear heels when you feel that you are comfortable or when the occasion calls for it. Many short girls reject a guy just because he is too tall. Refusing a boy because of his height is never a prudent decision. At times you may lose someone with whom you had great chemistry because you gave more importance to minor factors such as his height.

It is also true that some short girls never wear flats just because such footwear does not add anything to their apparent height. You must bear in mind that you should wear something because you are comfortable with it or because you like it. Ignoring flats even though you might love them is never a brilliant idea for anyone.

Some shorter girls tend to compliment taller girls about their height all the time. If you too practice this habit, then you must get rid of it as soon as possible. Some short girls even tend to buy some clothes you do not like just because you feel that they will make you look tall. Well, it is best that you accept yourself for who you are and remain confident without worrying about your height.