Understanding The Ancient Power Of Motherhood

Posted on October 11, 2017 in My Blog


The modern world has reduced the magically transformative process of giving birth to new life to simple steps. While this scientific approach to a spiritual journey has helped many women around the world, it has also brought about a paradigm shift in the way they see themselves. Becoming a mother is a deeply personal and profound passage of rite. It changes the way women view themselves. It gives them a new place in the story called life. As per Nancy Lucina, fewer people are acknowledging the beauty of motherhood. Childbirth is reduced to just bringing another human to the world.

As a touching piece on www.livestrong.com says, the meaning of being a mother is virtually endless. With this in mind, we understand the magic of motherhood and what this ancient power can do for the world. Becoming a mother is a journey that was once considered the most powerful ways to transform a person. It was a sacred space where the woman joined with the Mother in her. This mystical union allowed a woman to awake the inherent power in her to give birth and nurture.

It is just not the ability to deliver a child and take care of him or her that encompasses the magic of a mother. The Mother is the spring that brings forth universal wisdom. The Mother is the most supreme and oldest symbol of knowledge. She embodies the Yin aspect of life, the female half that creates all beings with the male half. She does it instinctively, with an understanding she knows from within. This is why motherhood has always been considered magical; because even a woman, who has never learned a word about birth, knows how to do it intuitively.

Motherhood is transformative because it is more than having a child. It allows a woman to communicate with mysticism inside her. Motherhood shows her the true nature, the temperament to give life and nurture it. Motherhood teaches to trust the voice within to guide you through the ups and downs. It provides the wisdom to know what is correct and right. Every woman should embrace the Mother within her. She would be the most potent ally. The Mother would give you power and purpose.

Women in past times knew to accept this power, but modern day and age have obscured this supremacy. Few women even know about the power that lies dormant, so the point of recognizing and embracing it becomes a distant dream. There is no doubt that technological advancement has done miracles for the safety and health for newborns and mothers. But it comes at a high cost. The mystical and vital connection to Motherhood is being lost in the chaos. There was a time when a mother was considered an expert; it is no more so.

The world has shifted its focus on the preparation for birth and the ways to take care of a child. The contribution a mother makes has received the second seat. The power of the mother is long forgotten. But, you a mother-to-be should not. You should believe and trust in the voice that speaks to you.

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